Here’s what some have said working with Troy…

“Troy is a pleasure to work with. He listened and went beyond the call to create a great product. I’m happy to recommend Troy.”

Krysten Hommel
Golden Sun Marketing

“Troy is an exceptional voice talent and one of the most passionate and hardest working guys I know. He’s an absolute gem to work with and he will never disappoint you! Highly recommended!”

Terry Daniel
Voice Coach

” He matched not only the tone and feel of the ad but also had perfect timing and the quality of his voice and the recording were crisp and clean, without any ‘noise’ at all. His voice was the perfect fit and I will absolutely be looking to work with him again!”

Michael Hartley
Owner, Centurion Production

“Troy Klein produces a quality product and right on schedule. I couldn’t be happier with the experience during Deadly Additive, and I will definitely keep Troy in mind for future projects.”

Nicola Martinez
Editor-in-Chief, Pelican Book Group

“Troy Klein delivered a strong, right on performance for my football audiobook, From Sandlots to the Super Bowl by Craig R. Coenen.  This is an academic book on the history of football, and he hit every note.  He’s also a pleasure to work with.”

Margy Bauman
Publisher, University Press Audiobooks

“Troy Klein has narrated three of my thrillers, and with each one he improves his craft. Troy has an incredible work ethic and an infectious love for bringing story to life. Highly recommended!”

Creston Mapes
Suspense Novelist